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Shofar Sounds

The shofar is a powerful instrument because it releases the mighty sounds of what God intends to do at a particular place and moment of time.  There are three fundamental sounds that announce and declare these intentions.  The following is a description of each of these sounds.


The first sound is the “Tekiah” (pronounced “teh-key-AH”).  The tekiah is equivalent to the whole note in music.  It is one continuous sound that extends for several beats (at least a musical measure).  The tekiah is the sound that announces God’s intent to establish His righteous boundaries in an area or arena He wants to occupy.

Click to hear 3 Tekiah


The “Shevarim” (sheh-vuh-REEM) consists of several shorter “breaking sounds.”  They function similar to quarter notes in a measure of music in ¾ time.  The shevarim is a breaking sound.  It announces God’s intent to breakthrough barriers and shatter resistance to his will.

Click to hear Shevarim


The “Teruah” (tuh-ROO-ah) is an alarming sound.  It is a sound that awakens and draws immediate and focused attention to what God is doing.  The sound is made up of nine staccato blasts (a musical measure of eighth notes in ¾ time).  The teruah is the sound used to sharply announce God’s arrival on the scene.

Click to hear Teruah

Tekiah Gdolah

There is also a special class of tekiah called the tekiah gdolah (gdole-AH) which translates as a “great tekiah.”  It is a single unbreaking sound that extends for several (sometimes many) measures.  Since it is such a commanding sound it is used to announce and/or complete a series of shofar sounds.  The tekiah gdolah declares the full and complete extension of God’s glory and domain.

Click to hear Tekiah Gdolah

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